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Beliefs about marriage

October 28, 2013
What are your beliefs about marriage?  It’s a big question – and one that many people fail to ask themselves before taking the plunge.  But our beliefs about what marriage is, what it’s for, and our part in it, form the basis of our expectations of what a successful marriage should be, and how ours measures up.
Our beliefs about marriage come from several sources.  The first is our family of origin.  What family structure did you grow up with?  Was there an intact nuclear family– mom, dad and kids all living together – or was there some other arrangement?

Be a good partner -- AND a whole person!

This blog is dedicated to the topic of how to be a good partner, while remaining a whole person. 
I think about relationships a lot.  I think about how they work, and about how they fall apart.  I think about the expectations and assumptions that society places on men and women, and how those expectations and assumptions can undermine our best efforts at forming and maintaining relationships that actuallywork
Who we are in relationship with our partner becomes, in a way, an aspect of our identity.
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